Schedule an Appointment

Time to make a veterinarian appointment for your pet? Riverside Drive Animal Care Center is here to help! Staying on top of your cat or dog’s health needs is one of the many things that make you a great pet owner, and we want to make the process as easy as possible.

You can conveniently schedule an appointment from your pet’s Petly page, where we will even remind you about your visit ahead of time. If you don’t yet have a Petly page, see the directions below on how to set up your account.

In addition to medical veterinarian assistance, you can schedule an appointment for any of our wide range of services from doggie day care to nutritional counseling and everything in between. If you’d like to speak to a staff member about making an appointment, please call us at (614) 423-6326 or email us at

Getting Started with Petly

We request that all pet owners set up a Petly page for their cat or dog. From your Petly page you’ll have access to everything you need to know about your pet’s health and more!

Your page will have updates from your vet, health resources, reminders to make an appointment, and what to expect from your visit. You can even request prescriptions and view test results. Petly is easy to use, and even easier to set up. Follow the instructions below to get started:

  • Provide a staff member with your email address to use for your account
  • Within 24-48 hours you will receive an email to activate your Petly account
  • Assign a password you’ll remember to your account

You must set up your account through Riverside Drive Animal Care Center in order for it to work. Please contact us if you have any questions or issues with your account.

New Patients – Welcome!

We would like to give a very special welcome to all of our new patients! Thank you so much for choosing us, we will do everything we can to ensure your pet is happy and healthy. Rest assured that we will care for your cat or dog with patience and compassion, while making sure that you both are as comfortable as possible. In preparation for your first visit, download our new patient form!

From all of us at Riverside Drive Animal Care Center, thank you for selecting us for your veterinary services. We look forward to seeing you and your pet soon!