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What It Means If Your Dog Frequently Shakes Its Head

We know our dogs love to shake their heads and their bodies. It could be after they’ve gotten wet or been covered by something like grass but that telltale sound of jingling dog tags and splashing water is your dog’s way of getting things off of their bodies. While head shaking is normal, it isn’t […]

Wondering How to Socialize Your Dog? Learn Here!

Many people, whether they are dog owners or not, don’t realize that socializing is a learned process for most dogs. While dogs can vary in personality, including how outgoing they are, the process of being friendly around other dogs and owners is something they must be taught. Owners who have not taught their dogs socialization […]

How to Treat Your Dog’s Torn Nail

Broken or torn nails are one of the most common injuries dogs can suffer from. The dew claws, found higher on the front of the foot, are nails that are connected more loosely than others. This makes them prone to injury if your pet is running or playing around outside. Cutting a dog’s nails might […]

Are You Prepared to Keep Your Pet Safe This Winter?

Winter is upon us, and depending on where you live it comes with many challenges. Bad roads, salt build up on cars, and extra traffic are just the start, not to mention the short days and frigid temperatures. One of the problems of winter that people may overlook is how hard it can be for […]

What You Need to Know About Canine Influenza

With flu season in full swing for humans, the misery of getting sick is fresh in people’s minds. Unfortunately, we aren’t the only ones threatened by a virus that can ruin our week. Canine influenza, or CIV, is sweeping across Ohio bringing sneezing, coughing, and general malaise toward our beloved dogs. CIV is a viral […]

Should I Take My Dog to Daycare?

Most dog owners want to live in a world where they can play with their pets every day, bring them to work, or give them anything they need at any time. Unfortunately, the real world usually gets in the way of our plans with our best friends. Whether you’re a busy professional who is working […]

How to Adjust Your Pets to a Back To School Schedule

With the hustle and bustle of going back to school, have you noticed your dog behaving strangely, acting listless or disinterested? The chaos, excitement, and crunch of back to school can sometimes leave your dogs in the dust. Transitioning from a summer with kids and parents in the home to long days alone can be […]

Can Medication Cure My Pet’s Anxious Behavior?

Everyone knows that pets, especially dogs, can be excitable creatures – perking up and freaking out at new visitors, treats or other animals around. While having a lively pet is part of the fun, sometimes that excitement has to be kept in check. Training your pet is an important step in the process of pet […]

This is Why Your Pet Needs Dental Care Too

People understand the need for dental care for humans. With the high sugar content in the foods we eat, as well as the damage caused by particles caught between teeth, people need dental care daily. It starts with brushing your teeth and flossing, but also requires a bi-annual visit to a dentist for more serious […]

How to Keep Your Pet Safe This Summer

Summertime is a favorite season for many people – and for good reason. You get to spend time outside, enjoy the weather, and be active and participate in fun activities. Your pets usually get to live it up as well, going on adventures, being active, and spending time outside playing. It’s easy for many people […]