Riverside Drive Animal Care Center is committed to providing dog and cat owners with the most up-to-date information and resources on pet care and treatment. Learn more about your pet’s care through the following links and articles:

  • Visit our resource center on dog care for tips and advice on wellness, pet-ownership, traveling as a pet owner and more!
  • Pet Adoption Looking to adopt a pet? See if pet adoption is right for you and view our available pets
  • Cat Care covers information on behavior, frequently asked questions, and more!
  • Symptoms – Learn what your pet’s symptoms mean and what actions you should take to help your furry friend!
  • Drug Library – Overwhelmed at the thought of administering meds to your pet? These guides will help you.
  • Tests – Sometimes pets require lab tests, discover the reasons behind them here.
  • Procedures – Nervous about an upcoming procedure your pet is undergoing? Learn what exactly what they will experience and the care they will receive here!
  • New Client Information