Weight Management

Riverside Drive Animal Care Center’s weight management program consists of all of our team members who are educated in diet and maintenance for obese pets. Studies have shown that 50% of our pet population is overweight and often this trend to be overweight begins very early in life. Our staff is trained to calculate resting energy requirements of your pet and help you to feed an appropriate amount of food and treats to maintain an optimum weight.

Being overweight can affect the overall health of your pet. Being overweight can lead to chronic inflammatory diseases such as osteoarthritis. Just a 6-9% decrease in weight of an arthritic pet can improve mobility and quality of life. Obesity can lead to diabetes in our feline patients just like their human parents. It is important to address weight issues before there are medical concerns.

With the help of our doctors and you, we can recommend the best diet and exercise program that will meet the needs of both you and your cat or dog. We take special pride in knowing that you want to give your pet a life of happiness and overall good health. Contact one of our Riverside team members to set up a consult