Stem Cell Regeneration Treatment

Has your dog been suffering from pain and arthritis due to old age? If that is the case, we know they are not the only ones who are suffering. Watching your pup grow older and ache from discomfort can be an incredibly difficult thing for you to experience as well. We’re here to offer an innovative solution to relieve your pet’s pain and boost your spirits too!

dog in painStem cell regeneration treatment is a fantastic new source of therapy to help aching pets with arthritis, osteoarthritis, and joint/tissue damage. This is a groundbreaking remedy that has seen a great amount of success. Here at Riverside Drive Animal Care Center, we are thrilled to offer this treatment to our patients.

What is Stem Cell Regeneration?

Stem cell therapy treats painful areas your pet suffers from using regenerated cells. The process begins with the collection of cells taken from fat samples. 

Once the samples have been taken, the cells are regenerated and then reinjected into your dog’s areas of discomfort. The cells make their way to the affected tissues, joints, tendons and/or ligaments, and begin to relieve pain and allow new tissue to grow. Once the procedure is finished, your dog should begin to experience relief relatively quickly.

Conditions Vet Stem Cell Therapy is Used For

Because this treatment is relatively new, studies are still being conducted to see how many medical conditions can be treated with stem cell regeneration. In the meantime, there are a number of conditions that have already been proven successful, including:

  • Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Damaged or inflamed joints
  • Damaged or inflamed tissues
  • Injuries in tendons and ligaments

Vet Stem Cell Therapy Success Stories

Even considering the recent novelty of this procedure, there have been several success stories. According to VetStem, greater than 80% of dogs with arthritis have improved their quality of life through this therapy.  

For more examples of dogs who have been treated with vet stem cell, check out these survey results:

We have also experienced some successful treatments with patients from Riverside! Two of our very own pups, Shiloh Bateson and Scooter Wolery, have improved their health through this treatment and we are excited to share their stories with you.

Shiloh Bateson

Shiloh is a black labrador retriever who suffers from bilateral osteoarthritis in her hips. Her owners were ecstatic about the wonderful results that Shiloh experienced from stem cell regeneration. Although they know this therapy was not a complete cure for Shiloh’s osteoarthritis, they are incredibly satisfied with the results. Stem cell regeneration brought Shiloh “less pain, more energy, and a bright doggy smile.”

Overall, they expressed this stem cell procedure was less invasive, required less rehab, and got Shiloh back to her normal lifestyle very quickly.

Scooter Wolery

We also have great news about Scooter Wolery! Scooter has shown significant improvement in his stamina, energy, and enthusiasm. His owners have seen his pain disappear, noting his chipper attitude and desire to go for long walks and car rides — which he was not showing when he was suffering from pain.

Additionally, Scooter is now only taking one type of medication instead of three. We are thrilled to hear about Scooter’s amazing results!

Update July 2018

Just a short note to let you know Scooter is doing really well! His stem cell treatments seemed to take a little longer to work the second time but they have kicked in and with the summer weather and Scooter swimming – he is doing pretty well. He rarely has his backside fall out from under him and his left shoulder and elbow are still crooked but not as much and he walks much better. He even runs sometimes and still wrestles with his dog brother – Romulus – and he does still go upstairs and downstairs.

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