In Room Checkout


Riverside Animal Care Center is designed to decrease stress to you and your pet.  You will spend very little to no time in the waiting area.  A greeter will show you to an exam room where a technician will collect history and obtain your pet’s vital signs and weight.  After a doctor has examined your pet and all of your questions have been answered, a client service representative will discuss charges and get you checked out. All this is done in the privacy and calm of our exam rooms.

This unique process eliminates confusion and congestion at a reception desk and decreases stress to you and your pet. This is especially important for our feline patients since many cats don’t enjoy seeing dogs and waiting in a waiting room can add to their stress. It is also helpful for our canine patients that don’t like to see other dogs.  By checking out in the exam rooms, you also have time to remember items you may have forgotten or additional questions that may need answered.

Our goal is to make your visit as easy and stress free as possible. We hope that our unique check in and checkout process will make your visit a little easier and you and your pet a little happier.