Greyhound Consulting Services

Greyhounds are a very special kind of dog, and often require particular care and attention when it comes to their health. We specialize in addressing specific health issues and needs that are common to greyhounds and help owners to understand.

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About Dr. Guillermon Couto

Dr. Guillermo Couto is an internationally acclaimed veterinarian, and is specially trained in the field of greyhound medicine.

Dr. Couto taught at Ohio State University for 30 years, and is double board certified in Veterinary Internal Medicine and Oncology. Please contact Riverside Drive Animal Care Center for more information on meeting with Dr. Couto.

Most Common Greyhound Health Concerns

  • High red blood cell count
  • Low white blood cell count
  • Low platelet count
  • High creatinine concentrations
  • High blood urea nitrogen (BUN)
  • Low thyroid values
  • Heart murmur

The issues listed above are usually nothing to worry about for greyhounds, but regularly come up because they would be concerning for another breed of dog.

Higher creatinine concentrations and low thyroid values are also both characteristic of greyhounds. The left ventricle in the heart of a greyhound is very large and pumps blood at a faster rate, which results in a heart murmur that is no cause for alarm.

About the Breed

Greyhounds have developed unique anatomical, physiological, and clinicopathologic traits due to their sporting heritage making them much different from other dog breeds.

These differences may come as a shock to owners new to the breed. For instance Greyhounds react very differently to medications than other dogs and even from one another, as they do not metabolize drugs like other breeds do. This is caused by a much lower concentration of hepatic cytochrome P-450 enzymes, resulting in erratic metabolism of medications.

Greyhounds can also be blood donors to other dogs, as the majority have a “universal” blood type!

Riverside Drive Animal Care Center is prepared to answer any questions or concerns you have about your greyhound, and assist you with any health related issues that may arise. Our goal is to make sure that your beloved pet is always as happy and healthy as possible, and we are confident that you will be satisfied with our level of care. Please call us today at 614-766-1222 to schedule an appointment or consultation.