Dog Training in Dublin, Ohio

IMG_0328Deborah Franks started dog training in Dublin, Ohio with a local obedience club with her own dog in 1977, and became hooked. She went through an apprenticeship with the obedience club to become an obedience instructor, taught group classes for the club and then started teaching her own classes. She has trained and worked with 120 different breeds and mixed breeds. Deborah currently shows and trains Jack Russell Terriers and Border Collies.  Debbie conducts puppy classes on Wednesday nights.






Elissa O’Sullivan has been a private practice animal behaviorist since 1993 and an obedience instructor since 1995. She received her bachelor’s degree in animal production from Texas Tech University, and is a certified AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and a Therapy Dog Evaluator for Capital Area Human Society’s Capital Canine Connection Program. Elissa is the recommended behaviorist for the Citizens for Human Action and Pets without Parents Animal Shelter.