Why Every Office Needs a Dog

Did you know that dog-friendly workplaces are on the rise? It’s true. In 2013, only 5% of companies allowed employees to bring their dogs to work. Today, that number’s climbed to 8%.  

And we’re not talking about little mom-and-pop shops either. Plenty of big businesses    allow dogs at the office, including corporate behemoths like Amazon, Salesforce, Ticketmaster, and Google.

To explore why that is, let’s take a look at some woof-worthy reasons every office needs a dog …

Alleviate Stress

Let’s face it. Sometimes work gets stressful. When that occurs, do you know one of the best ways to alleviate stress? Yep, you guessed it—go pet a dog! Dogs have a very calming influence, so they’re great for helping harried employees keep their cool at work.


Where would you rather work—a dog-friendly office or with a bunch of dog-hating grouches? We’re kidding about the latter option but seriously, offices that allow dogs have plenty of eager recruits hoping they’ll get hired, so they can enjoy this fabulous work perk.

Promote Team Bonding 

If you’ve ever sat through team-building exercises, you know the special kind of dread they evoke. Fortunately, a dog in the office minimizes the need for these types of bond-building activities.

Instead, you can count on the adorability factor of dogs to easily foster team relationships. Think about it–as team members walk around meeting and greeting each other’s pets, familiarity and comfort ensues, increasing overall workplace camaraderie!

Morale Booster

Dogs lighten the mood, preventing things from getting too tense. By allowing dogs at the workplace, overall office morale increases as people enjoy their hours at the office more.

Employee Retention

Would you leave a job that allowed you to bring your dog for one that didn’t? All things being equal, probably not.

As Amazon employee, Anna Jentoff, said when presented with that question, “Now that I’ve had a taste of what [bringing my dog to work is] like, it would be hard for me to go somewhere where I can’t have her with me.”

Being able to bring your dog to work is a pretty sweet perk which is why it’s such a great strategy for increasing employee retention.


But Wait! Read This Before Rallying Your Employer to Allow Dogs at Work…

Unfortunately, not every dog is a good fit for the office. Dogs that should be left at home include those that:

  •       Aren’t Up-to-Date on Their Shots
  •       Bark Excessively
  •       Behave Aggressively
  •       Haven’t Been Socialized

If your dog fits into one of those categories, we can help. At Beechwold Veterinary Hospital, we’re pleased to offer immunizations, so your dog can get up-to-date on his shots.

Just call us at 614.468.8591 or schedule an appointment online.  We’re located at 4590 Indianola Avenue, and we offer weekend and evening appointments for your convenience.

We also offer dog training classes in our 1600-square-foot training center, so you can ensure your dog’s on his best behavior at the office. Learn more about our dog training options here.