Pet & Animal Blogs We Love

The internet is full of sites that offer entertainment, information, and resources about pets. However, not all pet blogs are created equal. Besides our own blog, we’ve created a list of blogs that we find enjoyable, informational, or otherwise worthwhile below.

Blogs For Dog Lovers

My GBGV Life

Appropriately shortened to the acronym GBGV (shorthand for Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen), My GBGV life celebrates Emma, the French Scent Hound. Emma is a well traveled dog, having had adventures in 5 countries. Readers of MY GBGV life can find recipes (for dog treats), information about dog sports, and more. Unfortunately, Emma passed away in November of 2018. However, the blog is still active and a wonderful read.

Crusoe The Celebrity Dachshund

Arguably one of the most popular dogs on the internet, Crusoe The Celebrity Dachshund’s blog was created after the popularity of Crusoe’s Facebook page expanded massively over the years. With a New York Times best seller, a Facebook based web show, and hundreds of photos in cute outfits, Crusoe’s blog is one that dog lovers of all kinds can enjoy.

You Did What With Your Weiner

Easily the cheekiest named blog on our list, You Did What With Your Weiner is for fans of traveling, the outdoors, and of course, dachshunds. This blog is loaded with helpful tips for traveling with smaller dogs, in both camping and vacationing contexts.

Dog Shaming

Training dogs can be difficult. With their sense of curiosity and often impressive appetites, sometimes they can get into trouble. Dog Shaming is a blog dedicated to “shaming” dogs for their misadventures. As a light hearted way of sharing the ups and downs of dog ownership, the Dog Shaming blog is wonderful for days when you could use a laugh.

Blogs For Cat Lovers

Melissa’s Mochas, Mysteries, & Meows

For cat lovers who also love reading, Melissa’s Mochas, Mysteries, & Meows features a plethora of photos of her cat, book reviews (including titles like “Claws for Celebration: A Cat Lady Mystery Book”), and day to day chronicles of cat ownership. Melissa is an active blogger, with an incredible number of posts under her belt.

Living With Loulou

Founded in 2013, Living With Loulou is a blog featuring an adorable tuxedo cat with over 1,000 visitors per day. While not necessarily heavy on informational resources, Living with Loulou’s photos are enjoyable and frequently updated.


While the SparkleCat blog was originally about Sparkle the Designer Cat (who has since passed away), the blog’s author continues blogging about cat life with her cat. While her full name is “RW GP Tajhara Summer Samba”, she goes by Summer for short. Summer is an award winning Somali breed cat who is astoundingly photogenic. The SparkleCat blog features advice columns, informational resources, and more.

Blogs For ‘Other’ Pet Lovers

Keeping Exotic Pets

For folks who find less “traditional” pets just as cute as a puppy or kitten, the Keeping Exotic Pets blog offers care instructions, advice, and information about owning an incredibly wide array of somewhat unusual pets. Ranging from ball pythons and tarantulas to bearded dragons and insects, there is no limit to what you might learn from this blog.

Company Blogs For Pet Lovers

While the above mentioned bloggers are typically individuals who love photographing and writing about pet ownership, there are blogs run by companies and other organizations that should deserve an honorable mention as well. While not focused on any specific pet (Like Loulou or Emma) these blogs have an incredible wealth of knowledge from writers who are generally reliable for information about pet care and behaviors.

The Petfinder Blog

Petfinder is a wonderful site dedicated to finding homes for rescue animals. Their blog is chock full of information about adoption, care, and training pets. In addition to their massive database of adoptable pets (updated daily), their blog is worth checking out.

Chewy Pet Central

It seems like just about everyone has heard of Chewy, the company that sells pet food, toys, and other products online. But not everyone knows about their blog. With hundreds of informative posts, categorized into pet types and interests, there is something for everyone who wants to learn.


VetBabble is a site run by veterinarians to provide helpful, fun and reliable information for pets. With several hundred resource articles ranging from training tips to diet and exercise advice, it’s easy to fall into binge-reading their site.

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