Pet Boarding Vs. Pet Sitter

As pet owners, one of the biggest dilemmas we face comes up when we travel. Most of the time, it is too difficult or impossible to take our pets with us when we go somewhere. As a result, we’re left with the choice of hiring a sitter, asking a friend or boarding the pet for some time. 

These choices all have pros and cons and it is not always easy to make the right decision. Whether the motivator is money, the length of your trip or special circumstances with your pet, the choice can be difficult. This blog discusses the options in hopes of helping you make the best decision for you and your pet.

The Options When Traveling

It used to be that there weren’t many options for pets besides boarding or getting a friend. Pet boarding has been around for a long time but alternative businesses like pet sitting or other services are relatively new. Nowadays, there are multiple ways to deal with your pet when you’re traveling.

Especially in the city, the modern pet owner can choose from any number of choices and even combine different options while they are gone. This results in flexibility and peace of mind for you along with comfort, familiarity, security and even a bit of fun for your pet.

Here are just some of the options you can choose from when it comes to taking care of your pet while you’re gone:

  • Taking your pet with you – This tip can be easy or complicated, cheap or expensive, all depending on the circumstances of your travel
  • Boarding Facility – Boarding facilities are like pet hotels where your pet gets round the clock attention. This tends to be the most expensive option
  • Pet Sitting Service – These new services provide a caretaker that either lives at your house or stops by to check on, take care of, and play with your pet
  • Pet Care Service – These services are a little different in that they stop by to take care of pets that can’t move like fish or reptiles
  • Have a Friend Pet Sit – This is a tried and true arrangement where you have a friend or family member help you while you’re gone

With advances in technology and high-speed internet, there are so many great options for taking care of your pet while you’re traveling. You can use any of these services or a combination and still check in on your beloved pet via cameras or status updates on an app.

Professional Vs Personal

There are benefits and costs to professional vs personal services. It is cheap and easy to get a friend or family member to pet sit and that may be a great option for many. However, people have their own lives going on and can’t always guarantee that they will be focused on your pet. Professional services have dedicated employees that take care of your pet and play with them along with providing a safe environment for them to get to know and play with others.

The other option to consider is your pet’s comfort. Some pets are not comfortable moving around and want to stay within the comfort of their own home or area. Other pets crave friendship and want to be around other animals. Knowing this about your pet can help choose between a boarding service or an at-home pet service.

Typically, younger pets tend to struggle being home alone while older pets are more comfortable. Dogs typically prefer being social while cats are more accustomed to being on their own. Other factors to consider could be the setup of your home or your other needs while you’re gone. For example, pet sitting services that come play with and walk your dog can also feed your fish, negating the need for two services.

At Riverside Animal Hospital, we offer high-quality boarding services for cats and dogs. We can also help recommend other trusted professional to help take care of your pets while you’re traveling. We’re here to help you rest easy and travel comfortably this summer while making sure your pets are secure, comfortable and having a good time without you. Contact us today to find out more about our services and to schedule pet boarding for when you’re gone.