4 Reasons Why It's Important to Train Your Dog

dog trainingEveryone knows some dogs are better behaved than others. On one end, you have dogs that are professionally trained, acting almost as intelligently as a human and following every command their owner or handler gives. On the other, there are poorly trained dogs who create problems for their owner and can be a nuisance to be around. Besides just showing off neat tricks or performing for treats, properly training your dog is crucial to their development, as well as their relationship with you and others.

Some people perceive obedience training as a way of dominating an animal, when in reality, the intention is to become friends or companions. Unfortunately, this mentality is counterintuitive and leads to behavior from both the pet and the owner that is not ideal. For example, owners that have badly behaved dogs tend to keep them isolated from other humans or other animals, for fear of their behavior. This leads to dogs being able to participate less and not be able to enjoy the world like other dogs.

Participation is just one of the many reasons why proper training for canines is so important. Read on to discover why you should train your dog and how to do so.

Why Should I Train My Dog?

Proper training using an established, proven system has many benefits for you and your dog. Here are some of the reasons why proper training is so important.

1. Well Behaved Dogs Are More Likely to Participate – As we touched on earlier, when a dog is well behaved, both the owner and the dog are more likely to enjoy the activity. If you want to go to a park with friends, a dog that’s not socialized will be a pest and won’t enjoy themselves, but a trained one will make your experience much more enjoyable.

2. Trained Dogs Are More Likely to Be Welcome – Your friends or commercial destinations must be considered here too. If an owner frequents a bar that allows dogs, but their dog is not well trained, they will probably be less welcome. Same goes for friends’ houses or parties.

3. Walks Become Easier for the Dog and Owner – It’s a common sight: owners struggling to keep dogs by their side, or working to keep them off neighbor’s lawns or areas they shouldn’t be in. A well trained dog makes walking easier on the owner, motivating them to take more walks. Owners who have frustrating, untrained dogs are less likely to take them on fun walks.

4. Training and Reinforcing Improve the Relationship Between Dog and Owner – The process of training, whether you go the professional route or at home, involves a lot of time spent together and getting to know each other. This time spent improves your relationship, and is another reason why multiple owner households must train together, so that no side is left out.

How Does Dog Training Work?

There are many training methods for dogs, but they all revolve around the same general principles. First, training has to start early. Within a couple of months from birth, dogs should start training and obedience. This is where you can go one of two ways, or a mix of both. Many vets, day cares, and other animal centers offer obedience classes for dogs of various ages. Starting from puppy “kindergarten” to training for adult dogs, these classes are a great way for your dogs to socialize with other animals and learn the right commands from professionals.

Alternatively, you can adopt these systems at home to train your dogs. Ultimately, the key factor is you as the owner, the friend, and the disciplinarian. If you take your puppy to an expensive class, train them, then immediately contradict or go against everything the class told you to do, then the training will fail. If you work through a home training method for 6 weeks, then drop all the lessons and stop your commitment on week 7, your dog’s training will fail. Consistency from the owner is one of the biggest factors with training.

If you’d like to learn more about puppy training and find out the best way to build a relationship with your pet while preparing them for life at home, contact us today at Riverside. Our trained professionals can help you get the best education for your puppy and you!