Do Carbon Dioxide Lasers make Surgery Easier on Pets?

Do Carbon Dioxide Lasers make Surgery Easier on PetsThe improvements seen from modern medicine are not just limited to people. The technological advances that help make surgery or medical procedures easier for people also work for your pets. A great example is when imaging technologies like MRIs or ultrasounds can be used to help a vet gauge the health of your pet accurately.

One of the most revolutionary technologies related to surgical procedures is carbon dioxide or CO2 laser surgery. CO2 laser surgery involves the use of a laser coming out of a pen-like object. It is used in place of a scalpel to make incisions and remove tissue-like tumors. The heat from the laser and the sharpness allow the surgeon extra benefits that help make the procedure easier on your pet.

What are the Surgical Benefits of CO2 Laser Surgery?

The CO2 laser procedure provides your vet with many benefits that contribute to an overall improved surgery. Replacing the traditional scalpel, the laser helps in every aspect of a surgery, from incision to tissue removal, as well as the secondary concerns of cleanliness and bleeding. Here are some of the ways the CO2 laser “scalpel” is better than a traditional one.

  • Thin Incision– A laser can be calibrated to have a small width, allowing the vet to make a thinner incision. This results in less damage to surrounding tissues and improves healing time.
    Accurate Tissue Removal – The thin laser allows a vet to remove damaged tissue or bodies, like cysts or tumors, while sticking close to that tissue. This reduces damage to healthy tissue around the problem.
  • Less Bleeding – The laser is so hot that it cauterizes tissues it cuts through. This reduces bleeding, allowing the procedure to be done much more quickly. The less time a surgery takes, the less impact it has on the patient.
  • Sterility – The heat from the laser kills any bacteria that is in the area of the procedure. This helps prevent infection, which is a major concern after any surgery—especially with an animal—as it can be more difficult to get them to cooperate with post-op care.

What are the Patient Benefits of CO2 Laser Surgery?

While the vet or surgeon sees benefits from the procedure, you will see benefits for your pet as well. Everyone knows that keeping a pet safe after a surgery can be cumbersome and frustrating for both you and for them. Making them wear a cone to prevent licking and preventing your pet from moving around a lot are often tough to control.

The decreased recovery time due to CO2 laser surgery helps your pet get back in action quicker with less concern for damage or re-injury. This also means less time those frustrating accessories have to be used. Additionally, the cauterized tissue from the surgery contributes to less pain after a surgery is completed.

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