Everything You Need to Know About Boarding Dogs and Cats

kitten-269051_1920Like any aspect of traveling, boarding your dogs or cats goes more smoothly and creates less stress for you and your pet if you prepare in advance. Knowing what you need to do beforehand while making the right plans can help alleviate the problems with traveling as a pet owner.

While it may be preferable to get a friend or family member to watch your pet, that is not always possible. There are many options when it comes to boarding allowing you to find the right balance of amenities, standards and price according to your criteria.

Preparing Your Pet and Yourself for Boarding

The best thing to do to start with the boarding process is talk to trusted friends and relatives for recommendations. Typically, good facilities stand out and have a reputation that makes others happy to recommend them. Afterwards, you can check out each of the facilities yourself and make an informed decision, starting from something more specific than the internet or the phone book.

Factoring in your travel plans, don’t forget to choose a place that considers your own routine and whether it will be possible to get your pet when you return or if you need an extra day, for example.

Learn the Rules, Regulations and Routines

Most good facilities have similar rules regarding the health and safety of pets. This starts with being up to date on shots as well as making extra preparations for the stresses of a facility. One ailment that you should prepare against as an owner is kennel cough or bordetella. This is an upper-respiratory infection that comes from the close confines of a kennel and can be prevented with a shot.

Additionally, a facility may have standards for the type of dog or cat along with rules that must be followed such as chipping regulations or size rules. It is also important for you to understand what the day-to-day routine is for dogs and cats in these facilities. Asking for an agenda helps you understand whether this facility is the right one for your beloved pet.

Don’t Forget the Logistics

There are a limited number of spaces at any facility, and the good ones tend to fill up fast. Many people vacation or travel over the same or similar holidays, creating limitations around national holidays. If you plan to leave the city, book your pet’s stay as early as possible—the spot is not likely to be open for long.

Also consider your travel plans such as which airport you’re going to or how soon you can get your pet. Knowing the facility’s hours and pickup procedures is key here as you may end up having to pay for an extra day or adjusting your travel plans accordingly.

At Riverside Drive Animal Care Center, we provide boarding services for cats and dogs. Our top-of-the-line facility and loving staff combine to provide the best possible experience for your pet when you are gone. Call us to find out about your options regarding food, baths and what kind of accommodations we can make for your pet. We guarantee you and your pet will be happy with our services as you travel and vacation.